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Blue Springs Police K9 Unit

Cavanaugh     Pet     Hospital     is     honored     to provide    care    for    the    Blue    Springs    Police Department’s   K9   Unit.      These   highly   trained dogs   are   bred   or   chosen   for   their   intelligence and   strong   sense   of   smell.      These   dogs   can help   when   pursuing   fugitives,   searching   for missing    persons,    and    during    narcotics    or weapons detection. 

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Helping Local Children & Families

Affected with Cancer

Vist Jake’s Website (click here) Vist Jake’s Website (click here)

Jake Cavanaugh Foundation

Through   Jake's   courageous   six   year   battle with     cancer,     he     was     inspired     by     the support    of    family    and    friends    and    the encouraging   phrase   "Jake   Can."      In   turn, Jake     inspired     myriads     of     people     who watched    or    have    heard    of    his    battle, bringing   a   powerful   new   meaning   to   "Jake Can."        In    remembrance    of    his    beautiful smile,   his   love   of   people   and   his   ability   to see    humor    in    every    situation,    the    Jake Cavanaugh    Foundation    provides    funding for   osteosarcoma   research   and   support   to children and families affected by cancer.