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Canine grooming appointments are available Monday through Thursday. Feline grooming appointments are available on Thursday. Reservations are required. Please call us at to schedule an appointment. We ask that pets are dropped off for grooming between 7:30 and 9:00 am. We will call when your pet is ready to be picked up, or they may be picked up at the end of the day for your convenience.  


All pets coming in for grooming must be current on their vaccinations.   Dog requirements Cat Requirements Rabies Rabies DA2PPv FVRCP Bordetella  
Feline Grooming
Our   cat   groomer,   Sherry   is   great   with   our   feline friends.    All    grooms    include    a    cleansing    bath, brushing,   nail   trim,   and   a   hygiene   cut.   The   “lion   cut” is   a   popular   groom   for   our   longhaired   cats.   Some cats do require sedation prior to grooming. Sherry   was   the   first   employee   of   Cavanaugh   Pet Hospital.      Anyone   who   has   met   her   knows   she   has a sincere passion for people and their pets.  Sherry   has   two   grown   sons,   a   granddaughter,   three border   collies   and   a   cat.      She   also   runs   Sherry’s Kitten Rescue here at Cavanaugh.    


Laura    came    to    us    in    2011    with    over    25 years    of    grooming    experience.        She    is happy    to    provide    a    look    that    fits    breed standards   or   will   custom   cut   your   pet   to   fit your preference.  Laura   is   the   mother   of   two   sons   and   has   3 dogs,   1   cat,   2   birds   and   fish.      Her   love   of animals   doesn’t   stop   there.      She   also   rides horses   as   often   as   she   can.      When   she’s not   doing   makeovers   at   the   doggy   salon, she   enjoys   hiking,   nature   walks,   yard   work and going to garage sales.   
Canine Grooming