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Cavanaugh      Pet      Hospital      strives      to      be progressive   in   their   pet   care   services,   without forgetting     old-fashioned     courtesy     and     the importance    of    client    relationships.        Our    full range       of       pet       care       services       includes comprehensive       diagnostics,       soft       tissue surgeries,   orthopedic   procedures,   dentistry,   full service   grooming   for   dogs   and   cats   as   well   as boarding.        We    offer    cutting    edge    technology such   as   digital   radiography,   ultrasound   imagery, in-house laboratory and an on-site pharmacy. 










" Helping people enjoy healthy pets"
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Cavanaugh Pet Hospital

Cavanaugh Pet Hospital
START SUMMER OFF RIGHT! Schedule your pet’s annual check up today to be sure your pet is healthy!

June:  Fireflies and Picnics!

It’s   summer! Time   for   BBQs,   long   hikes   and   refreshing   water   play! You   and   your   pet   enjoy   this   time   of year. It’s filled with activity, fun and food! There   are   a   few   things   we   have   to   talk   about.   First,   is   your   pet   eating   the   right   food   for   their   lifestyle? Meeting   your   pet’s   nutritional   needs   is   vital   to   their   health   and   happiness.   So   before   you   take   your   big hike   with   Fido   or   start   your   movie   marathon   on   the   couch   with   Fluffy,   bring   in   your   furry   friend   for   their annual exam. Second,   if   your   pet   is   just   10%   over   their   ideal   body   weight   (that   may   mean   1   lb.   for   a   10   lb.   cat),   they are   at   risk   for   developing   serious   medical   conditions.   Who   wants   that   for   their   buddy?   No   way,   you say! Come in for a checkup and a pit stop at the scale! Third,   most   “people”   food   is   not   good   for   pets,   especially   from   the   grill!   For   example,   feeding   your   pet chicken bones can cause tooth fractures and tear up their digestive tract during digestion. Make   an   appointment   for   your   pet’s   annual   checkup   today   –   we’ll   give   them   a   thorough   physical exam from nose to tail! And we’ll talk about what they’re eating and if we have to make any changes. Who   loves   your   pet   besides   you?   Us!   Book   your   pet’s   yearly   exam   today   so   we   can   keep   your   pet healthy and happy this summer!
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