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Cavanaugh      Pet      Hospital      strives      to      be progressive   in   their   pet   care   services,   without forgetting     old-fashioned     courtesy     and     the importance    of    client    relationships.        Our    full range       of       pet       care       services       includes comprehensive       diagnostics,       soft       tissue surgeries,   orthopedic   procedures,   dentistry,   full service   grooming   for   dogs   and   cats   as   well   as boarding.        We    offer    cutting    edge    technology such   as   digital   radiography,   ultrasound   imagery, in-house laboratory and an on-site pharmacy. 

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" Helping people enjoy healthy pets"
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Cavanaugh Pet Hospital

Cavanaugh Pet Hospital

 Hairballs, Hacks, Gags & Gas:

Learn why you should schedule your pet’s annual checkup today! When   you’re   a   pet   owner,   you   know   all   the   benefits   of   living   with   a   furry   friend   in   your   home.   Wet kisses, happy tail wags, loud purrs. Did you expect hairballs on the carpet? Partially digested garbage strewn all over the floor? Did   you   expect   your   pet   to   belong   to   the   “Speed   Eaters Anonymous   Club,”   where   they   eat   so   fast   it comes right back up? Like   many   pet   owners,   you   may   assume   these   digestive   ailments   just   happen.   You   may   assume they’re   normal   and   chalk   them   up   to   coming   with   the   territory   of   living   with   a   pet.   Perhaps   they’ve become   regular   occurrences   that   you   simply   handle   with   mild   frustration.   Overall,   no   worries,   you say! The   important   thing   to   know   is   that   many   seemingly   “normal”   digestive   problems   are   best   to   be checked   out   by   us.   We   know   there’s   a   lot   of   information   on   the   Internet   you   can   read,   but   nothing replaces a face  (yours) to face (ours) to face (your furry buddy) visit with us. When   you   schedule   your   pet’s   yearly   checkup,   we   can   discuss   and   answer   all   of   your   questions. During   the   checkup,   we’ll   perform   a   “hands-on”   inspection   of   your   pet’s   abdomen   by   feeling   each   of the organs and evaluating the shape, size, and position. We’ll   listen   through   a   stethoscope   for   any   abnormal   gut   sounds.   We   may   want   to   take   a   look   at   your pet’s   poop   to   check   for   parasites   and   harmful   bacteria.   It’s   all   about   digestion   and   it’s   how   to   keep your pet healthy! Schedule   your   pet’s   yearly   checkup   today.   Let’s   determine   what’s   normal   and   what’s   not   when   it comes to your pet’s digestive tract. Just think, after your visit, you may never have to clean up a hairball ever again.
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