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One    of    the    most    important    things you   can   do   for   your   cat   is   establish   a good        relationship        with        her veterinarian.      As   your   cat’s   personal health   care   provider,   we   can   identify problems    early    and    also    give    you advice   to   help   your   cat   live   a   long and   healthy   life.      Regular   visits   for health    screening    and    vaccinations, even     for     “indoor     only”     cats     are encouraged. 
Scotty   goes   to   the   vet...   courtesy   of   Scotty   and   Dr.   Sheilah Robertson,     University     of     Florida     College     of     Veterinary Medicine.   Part   1   is   from   his   owner's   perspective   while   Part   2 shows 'What Really Happened.
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