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Head Cat in Charge

Missy   became   part   of   the   Cavanaugh   clan   in   2007.   She   was   a   single mom   who   had   very   recently   become   an   empty-nester.   Missy   showed   up at    the    Cavanaugh    home    looking    for    work    in    exchange    for    food    and shelter.   Missy   adapted   to   the   sweet   life   very   quickly.   Unlike   her   co-worker Gizzy,   Missy   is   very   much   a   micro-manager.   You   can   often   find   her   front and    center    at    the    reception    desk,    working    hard    as    paperweight    and meowing   orders   to   the   receptionists.   When   she's   not   weighing   down   the front   desk,   she's   busy   warming   the   laps   and   hearts   of   our   staff   and clients.   In   her   spare   time,   Missy   enjoys   sleeping,   playing   with   toy   mice, sleeping, eating, and sleeping.


Security Cat

Gizmo,   or   "Gizzy,"   became   a   member   of   the   Cavanaugh   Pet   Hospital family   in   2008   when   she   was   brought   in   to   be   euthanized.   Dr.   Cavanaugh and   staff   couldn't   bear   to   lose   the   life   of   such   a   lovely   lady,   so   they decided   to   put   her   to   work   as   a   clinic   cat   instead.   She   doesn't   micro- manage,   but   she   visits   the   front   desk   a   couple   of   times   a   day   to   make sure   the   receptionists   are   staying   on   task,   and   to   snatch   her   daily   snacks. Gizzy's   favorite   activities   include   resting   on   the   dryer,   sunbathing   on   the cat tree and catching treats mid-air.
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Cavanaugh Pet Hospital
Mr.   Beans   came   to   the   clinic   as   a   rescue,   but   likes   it   here   so   much   that   he plays   a   snarly   and   cantankerous   old   man   if   anyone   shows   interest   in adopting   him.      He   is   the   talker   among   the   feline   staff   and   is   known   to   have deep    and    meaningful    conversations    with    anyone    who    will    stop    and “meow” with him. 

Mr. Beans