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Curt M Cavanaugh, DVM

An    Iowa    native,    Dr.    Cavanaugh    attended    Iowa    State    University    and received   his   Doctor   of   Veterinary   Medicine   degree   in   1988.   He   has   been practicing   in   the   Kansas   City   area   since   1989   and   started   Cavanaugh Pet   Hospital   in   2000.   In   2007,   the   practice   moved   from   their   original Independence   location   to   the   custom-designed   building   in   Blue   Springs.     Dr.    Cavanaugh’s    love    of    animals    and    the    people    who    own    them    is evident   in   both   his   practice   and   in   his   personal   life.      He   has   special interests in senior pet care, oncology, and genetics. While   Dr.   Cavanaugh   and   his   wife,   Jane,   hail   from   the   same   home   town, they    didn’t    start    dating    until    a    chance    meeting    at    a    Fourth    of    July gathering   in   college.      A   full   life   and   two   kids   later,   they   now   live   in   Blue Springs   with   their   rescue   animals.      Roxy,   a   gentle   Collie   and   Abby,   a charming   Labradoodle   share   space   with   Fra-Gilley,   a   three-legged   cat.     Dr.   Cavanaugh   enthusiastically   follows   college   football   &   basketball   and in   his   rare   spare   time,   he   and   his   dogs   can   be   found   enjoying   the   great outdoors at Remembrance Lake.  

Lisa Fleischmann, DVM

As   a   Blue   Springs   graduate,   Dr.   Fleischmann   is   excited   to   be   practicing in   her   home   town,   returning   here   after   graduating   from   the   University   of Missouri    College    of    Veterinary    Medicine    in    1992.    Dr.    Fleischmann particularly   enjoys   developing   relationships   and   educating   clients   on   the best   ways   to   care   for   their   pets.   She   has   4   children   and   too   many   pets   to count   --   including   a   growing   flock   of   chickens!   She   also   “digs”   gardening and the outdoors - as well as a regretful pun from time to time.
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Cavanaugh Pet Hospital
Don Stukey, DVM   Dr. Stukey is a 1999 graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia College of Veterinary Medicine. After practicing in St. Louis for 3 years, he and his wife moved to Kansas City in 2002. Dr. Stukey's wife is a principal in the North Kansas City School District.  They have one son, who enjoys all sports. Dr. Stukey enjoys traveling, sampling various cuisines, and supporting local sports teams. His love of animals is ever present as he shares his home with injured and abandoned animals. In addition, he strives to remain current in all areas of veterinary medicine to ensure his patients receive the best and most up to date care available. Mindy Shrout, DVM   Dr. Shrout lives in Blue Springs and is a 5th generation graduate of Blue Springs public schools, graduating in 2001. She graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science then went on to complete her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 2009. Dr. Shrout’s dedication to her patients and their owners is unrivaled.  She grew up on a dairy farm in south Blue Springs and developed a natural love of farm and companion animals at an early age. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, is an avid movie buff, as well as an enthusiastic fan of MIZ-ZOU football. She currently has a dog and two cats. Lauren Poulignot, DVM
Dr.   Lauren   graduated   from   the   University   of   Missouri   College   of   Veterinary Medicine   in   2012   and   joined   Dr.   Cavanaugh’s   team   in   2015.      She   has   special interests   in   surgery,   ophthalmology,   dermatology,   behavior   and   preventative medicine.      Dr.   Poulignot   and   her   husband, Aaron   Poulignot,   DVM,   currently   live in   Odessa   with   their   daughter   and   a   menagerie   that   includes   dogs,   horses, cows,   goats,   fish   and   tortoises.      They   enjoy   everything   about   the   outdoors   and can   often   be   found   at   the   lake   or   at   Sporting   KC   games   in   their   free   time.      Dr. Lauren is eager to meet you and help you with all of your pet care needs.