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Cavanaugh Pet Hospital

Medical Services

Cavanaugh   Pet   Hospital   is   committed   to   caring   for   your   pet.      We   not only   provide   vaccinations   and   routine   preventive   care,   but   offer   a   variety of   specialized   medical   services   and   surgeries.   Nutritional   counseling   is available   for   pets   with   special   dietary   needs.   With   a   Certified   Pet   Trainer on   staff,   we   can   offer   tips   and   suggestions   to   help   modify   behavioral problems you may be seeing at home. As   a   full-service   hospital   we   take   anesthetic   procedures   seriously.   From our   screening   blood   panel,   to   IV   fluids   during   surgery   as   needed,   and close   monitoring   during   anesthesia,   our   goal   is   to   treat   your   pet   as   our own. If   you   are   suffering   from   your   pet’s   bad   breath,   chances   are   he   or   she needs   a   good   dental   cleaning.      Not   only   will   this   improve   your   pet’s social   acceptance,   it   also   helps   prevent   gum   disease   and   other   more serious    health    concerns.        A    dental    cleaning    includes    use    of    our ultrasonic   scaler,   hand-probing   each   individual   tooth,   polishing,   digital dental x-rays and extractions as needed. Our   doctors   routinely   perform   spays   and   neuters,   as   well   as   specialized surgical   procedures   such   as   mass   removals,   cruciate   ligament   repairs, bladder stone removal and more.  With   our   own   in-house   diagnostics,   we   are   able   to   quickly   diagnose   and treat   any   illnesses   your   pet   may   experience.   We   can   run   most   blood work   on   site,   and   have   both   a   digital   radiology   machine   and   ultrasound imager   to   aid   us   in   getting   to   the   root   of   your   pet’s   concern.      We   have   a well   stocked   pharmacy   so   our   clients   can   conveniently   take   medications home the same day as their visit.

Feline Adoptions

Are   you   looking   to   add   a   furry   friend   to   your   home?   Check   our   kitten   rescue page    to    see    some    sweet    kitties    that    are    looking    for    a    new    family.    For questions   about   our   cat   adoptions,   please   call   the   hospital   and   speak   to Sherry.

Ask the Staff

Feel   free   to   email   or   call   the   staff   with   any   questions   regarding   your   pet.   We check   our   email   throughout   the   day,   Monday   through   Friday.   Please   type   “Ask the   Staff”   as   the   subject,   and   we   will   return   your   email   as   quickly   as possible.   Please   include   as   much   detail   as   you’d   like   to   provide,   your pet’s   name,   your   name   and   phone   number.      If   it’s   a   more   pressing matter, please call the hospital at 816.220.2233.